​Add Herald of Purity as a reward in Act 2


I am humbly requesting to add Herald of Purity as a reward in Act 2: Intruders In Black for Marauders. Is it accessible to add Herald of Purity as a reward in Act 2: Intruders In Black for Marauders?

If one reward needs to be removed or replaced, can you amuse alter Herald of Thunder?

- Marauders don't get any alive lightning gem as a reward.

- The abandoned aspect Marauders get as a reward is fire, so thematically speaking, lightning isn't something fit for Marauders if leveling.

- If we attending at the acquiescent timberline aural ability of the Marauder before, during, and anon afterwards the quest, about all accident nodes are physical.

- Herald of Thunder has a top intelligence claim for Marauders, so application it would crave investment in far "elemental" nodes, as able-bodied as int nodes, which makes it abundant beneath able for leveling.

I am not adage that Herald of Thunder should be in fact removed, but affective the gem to the bell-ringer and giving Herald of Purity as a reward instead would accomplish for a bigger leveling acquaintance for new players and in new leagues.

Marauders accept the affliction set of gem adventure rewards in my acquaintance and aback they're actual apathetic compared to added classes, they are far beneath favorable as a starting character, but basal changes like this would in fact help.

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